Patient Care Services

Young and old patients suffering from long term or life-long disorders (such a bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, psychosis, ailments needing frequent tending like dialysis, etc.) at times have to be kept in a separate accommodation.

Loved ones of such patients struggle to find good patient caretakers / attendants / ayas / nurses in Mumbai, given the shortage of quality caretakers, attendants, ayas and registered nurses in Mumbai.

patient care services in mumbai

Currently, apart from rendering end to end and quality elder care services in Mumbai, Karma Cosmos also specializes in and provides end to end patient care services in Mumbai for patients suffering from long term / life-long diseases. We have well structured, comprehensive and tailor-made packages for such end to end patient care services in Mumbai.

Just as we comprehensively do home, medical needs and complete life management of elderly couples, we offer exactly the same set of services to such patients as well.

Our standard packs are further customized case to case to suit the specific needs of such clients.

So, in a nutshell, our services to such patients not only cover comprehensive home safety and convenience audit, home management, medical needs management, emergency management, purchase of grocery, medicines, apparels and everything else of need to such patients; it also takes care of sourcing the right caretakers, attendants, ayas and qualified nurses for them, where necessary.

Further, complete medical records of such clients are taken onto our cloud for ready availability in cases of medical emergencies.

Organizing short and enjoyable holidays for such clients once or twice a year (where possible), celebrating their happy occasions (birthdays and festivals), providing detailed monthly updates to their loved ones about all the services rendered by us, giving such clients quality companionship time, making them social media & technology friendly and raising their overall happiness quotient are few of our other important offerings with which we make a transformational difference in the lives of all such clients of ours.