Elderly Care Services

Our prime forte is rendition of specialized and quality elder care services in Mumbai.

Today, Mumbai is the permanent home to elderly parents of several professionals who are either based out of India or are out of Mumbai owing to work commitments.

These elderly couples often start struggling after a particular age, since singlehandedly managing a home in Mumbai in old age is not the easiest of things for sure.

elderly care services in mumbai

Regular maintenance of their home, managing their medical needs and doctor visits, managing emergencies that they may be faced with, managing their purchases (including medicines, groceries, clothes, cosmetics, etc.) and managing their online obligations (online payments, online shopping, social media access, etc.) is not a joke. Elderly couples often struggle grossly in many of these areas with rising age.

Out of helplessness, they then end up seeking assistance from friendly neighbours. But these friendly neighbours can also help only to an extent. End of the day, they have their own families to look after as well!

It is also observed that such elderly couples staying away from their children tend to hide their troubles and issues from their loved children, since they do not want their children to worry for them. Many a times, they push their illnesses as well below the carpet, and this could prove really dangerous in old age!

Accordingly, systematic, institutionalized and well directed senior citizen care is something which is the burning need of the hour not only in Mumbai, but across India. Unfortunately, there is no player who has been able to do due justice to elder care services in Mumbai; rather elder care services in India as a whole.

Just to take an example - sourcing caretakers for elderly in Mumbai or home attendants for elderly in Mumbai is an administrative nightmare today. This is just one of the many aspects that Karma Cosmos comprehensively addresses for its clients in Mumbai who are desperately seeking for a good caretaker or home attendant.

Today, Karma Cosmos offers specialized, end to end and tailor-made packages for elder care services in Mumbai location, which not only cover comprehensive home safety and convenience audit, home management, medical needs management, emergency management, purchase of grocery, medicines, apparels and everything else of need to elderly couples; it also takes care of sourcing the right caretakers, attendants, ayas and qualified nurses for them, where necessary.

Further, complete medical records of our elderly clients are taken onto our cloud for ready availability in cases of medical emergencies.

Organizing short and enjoyable holidays for our elderly clients once or twice a year (where possible), celebrating all their happy occasions (birthdays and anniversaries), providing detailed monthly updates to their loved ones about all the services rendered by us, giving our elderly clients quality companionship time, making them social media & technology friendly and raising their overall happiness quotient are few of our other important offerings with which we make a transformational difference in the lives of all our clients.

Hence, explained in a single line, Karma Cosmos is a one stop comprehensive solution for high quality elder care services in Mumbai / high quality senior citizen care services in Mumbai, with plans to set up operations in all major cities of India in the next 2 to 3 years.

You may find some agencies giving you nurses or attendants in Mumbai for your elderly parents, but search for comprehensive and end to end home, medical needs and life management services, and you shall find only one name, Karma Cosmos!

We do what nobody else has ever ventured into. Hire us for your elderly parents, and forget all your worries about them! Just sit back, relax and let us do the rest.

To add to your delight, we shall also keep you regularly updated of how relaxed, safe and happy your parents are under our comprehensive care and vigilance!