Bedridden Patient Home Care Services

We also offer end to end and tailor-made packages for bedridden patient home care services in Mumbai.

Sourcing a quality caretaker for a bedridden patient in Mumbai or a qualified nurse for a bedridden patient in Mumbai is a matter of challenge for most on the look out for the same. Worry no more!

Apart from end to end and tailor-made packages for taking care of all the dietary, home management, medical needs and emergencies of bedridden patients in Mumbai, Karma Cosmos also helps source the best caretaker/ aya / attendant / qualified nurse for bedridden patients in Mumbai.

bedridden patient care at home

Our standard pack for bedridden patients focuses on all their specific needs. This pack provides end to end coverage vis-à-vis everything which a bedridden patient would generally seek and need. The standard pack is then further finetuned to the specific needs of every such client. So, we focus on optimum customization, complete coverage of all needs and end to end care & support for all our bed ridden clients. Like all our other service offerings, here as well, we do not have any exclusions or *Conditions Apply* tag. We do everything and cover all services that a client would specifically need in the given circumstances.

In fact, care of patients suffering from paralysis, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and Dementia find special mention here. While some of the patients suffering from such disorders are completely bedridden and rest all are mobile or semi-mobile, not only do we render our above specified comprehensive monthly pack based services to them; we also have a team of very capable and best in class neurophysicians, neurologists, orthopaedic surgeons and senior physiotherapists whose services could be availed by such patients, if so desired. These doctors empanelled with us have to their credit amazing success stories for such class of patients.