Standard Pack

For elderly singles / couples and patients (rack rate remains the same for all)
Rs. 9,999 per month per couple / patient (inclusive of taxes)
  • This pack offers a dedicated Convenience, Care and Happiness Manager (“CCHM”) for each client
  • The CCHM shall be responsible for –
    • Co-ordinating and managing existing servants, driver and other household staff members of the client
    • Arranging for fresh servants, driver and other household staff members for the client, if necessary – this shall be through one of our channel partners, which is an independent agency for supply of staff – charges to be paid at actuals to that agency directly by the client
    • Accompanying the client for doctor visit (once a month), or alternatively, arrange for a doctor visit at home (as and when necessary)
    • Arranging for immediate doctor visit, ambulance facility, hospitalization and other necessary support during all medical emergencies (the CCHM shall reach the hospital after arranging for all required facilities and stand as a support for any other help required)
    • Arranging for plumber, AC technician, haircut, spa, electrician and any other support necessary for home management – the same shall be arranged through vendors of repute and charges shall be directly payable to them by the client based on actuals
    • Arranging for physiotherapist, counsellor, blood tests through our channel partner laboratories (Metropolis and like) and all kinds of doctor services, as may be necessary - charges for the services / tests to be paid directly by the client to the doctor / vendor concerned based on actuals
    • Arranging for free home delivery of medicines – medicines shall be purchased at the best available discount through our channel partners (PharmEasy and other similar vendors of repute) – 15 to 20% cost saving here
    • Suggesting simple interior modifications of the home (if necessary) from a safety, security and convenience perspective (fixation of safety door, grills, arm holding rod in washrooms, anti-skid tiles, CCTV camera at necessary places, bell switch for calling, openable locks in washrooms as opposed to latches, smart TV for access to online content, Wi-Fi, etc.) – more than 50 check points shall be considered in this detailed review – “a safe and cozy home is an abode of peace, good health and positive vibes” – this review is undertaken to achieve this very important and non-negotiable goal
    • Detailed fire safety and electric safety check of the home – suggesting purchase of basic fire safety equipments like fire protection blanket and fire extinguisher
    • Arranging a vendor to incorporate changes deemed essential as per the above review - if approved by the client
    • Arranging for pest control, real estate agent, lawyer, CA, investment advisor, LIC advisor, mediclaim advisor, visa consultant, passport support, interior designer, yoga and meditation expert, happiness coach, medical equipments on hire, delivery of parcels, travel agent, car mechanic, cab hire, vendor for pest control, vendor for car battery, vendor for electronic goods, vendor for furniture purchase, vendor for supply of fruits and vegetables, vendor for milk supply, vendor for newspaper, online sweets delivery, online food delivery, online non veg food items delivery, vendor for pigeon net and mosquito net, vendor for curtains, leakage and waterproofing expert, vendor selling mobile phones, dietician, masseur, masseuse, dialysis centre and any other kind of vendor / online support, as may be necessary
  • The CCHM shall visit the client once every 15 days (shall be with them for up to 2 hours) to complete any other work for which the client needs the CCHM’s support (bank work, bill payments, online payments, etc.) – rest everything will be coordinated and arranged on phone / WhatsApp by the CCHM – thanks to our wonderful vendor tie ups and stringent & well-defined service protocols, most of the needs of our clients can be fulfilled immediately by the CCHM from a remote location
  • This pack includes 3 pre-agreed visits of the CCHM per month (2 visits for household work or other help needed and 1 visit for accompaniment to the doctor) - If more than 3 visits are required in a particular month, the extra visits shall be chargeable at Rs. 1,700 per visit (2 hours slot) or Rs. 2,500 per visit (3 hours slot)
  • Dedicated 24 X 7 helpline number and availability of the nearest CCHM in case of medical emergencies
  • “Guardian Soldier” support available in the golden hour of an emergency – A Guardian Soldier is somebody able and fit and who stays within the complex / building of the client – he shall be felicitated by us and given a token of appreciation every year for being available immediately whenever there is any medical or other emergency with the client – if he is not available during the emergency, he will arrange for somebody to reach immediately for help – he shall be the immediate life saver in the golden hour – he shall do everything necessary till our CCHM can reach the client – this is a life-saving initiative by us to ensure safety and immediate help for our clients in any emergency
  • Grocery purchase and free home delivery once a month from our channel partner (who shall offer best possible discounts) – 10 to 15% cost saving here
  • Links, videos and other helpful content is sent to our clients through WhatsApp from time to time – these are not spamming content, but content which is worthwhile and immensely helpful to our clients
  • 8 / 12 / 24 hours attendant / nurse / servant to be arranged through independent agency, if necessary – salaries shall be directly payable to them / the agency by the client at actuals
  • Secure online account for every client where loved ones of the client can see pictures, videos, medical updates and other relevant records of the client on real time basis – this online account is maintained and updated regularly by our CCHMs for every single client - – it shall also contain complete medical records of the client (prior medical history, medication being taken, doctors consulted, etc.) so that the same can be readily available during a medical emergency
  • Surprise goodies and CCHM visit (accompanied by a small celebration) on the client’s birthday, marriage anniversary and during major festivals
  • Calls and visits by senior management at regular intervals to ensure optimum quality of service delivery at all times
  • In the unfortunate event of death of the client, the CCHM shall arrange everything necessary for the cremation as per the religion of the client – the costs for the same to be payable as per actuals
  • Mediclaim support and hospital visits by the CCHM during a medical emergency shall be separately chargeable under this pack – for the charges, check the Home – Hospital – Home Pack
Plan suitability

This plan is best suited for not so aged couples who are fit and mobile. Based on our prior experience, they can manage with 3 CCHM visits a month. However, given that there is only a small price difference between this pack and the “Comfort Pack”, and the “Comfort Pack” offers weekly CCHM visits and some more benefits, most of our clients generally opt for the “Comfort Pack”.

Plan change possible for a minimum period of 2 months. If the change of plan is for less than 2 months, an additional plan reversal charge of Rs. 3,000 shall be leviable when moving back to the old plan.

When our client is travelling for a few months in a year, we pause the plan and the plan then commences only once the client is back – so the client pays only for those months of the year when services are actually availed.

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