Premium Pack

  • Everything listed in “Comfort Pack” plus –
    • CCHM to personally accompany the client for 2 local outings every month – could be to a mall, temple, beach, park, etc. – up to 3.5 hours duration - this is available for extra charge in the other packs if the trip exceeds 2 hours in duration and is beyond the pre-agreed number of CCHM visits a month under the respective packs
    • 8 total visits of the CCHM per month (once every week for household work or other help needed, once a month for doctor visit, twice for local outings and one more complimentary) plus 4 more optional complimentary visits available per month, where necessary - explained in greater detail below
    • CCHM to provide all kinds of specialized and co-ordination linked help necessary during –
      • - House painting or renovation work
      • - Pest control
      • - Procuring visa (including accompanying the client for the visa interview)
      • - Purchase of new vehicle or real estate investment
      • - Festive season shopping; and
      • - Any other such major tasks where the CCHM’s help has been requested for
    • Up to 4 complimentary CCHM visits additionally available per month when such work arises – the other packs do not have these 4 complimentary visits a month
    • Up to 12 hospital visits of the CCHM complimentary when there is any medical emergency and consequential hospital admission - this is available for extra charge in the “Standard Pack” and up to 4 visits here are complimentary under the “Comfort Pack”
    • A complimentary home visit by a yoga teacher / counsellor / happiness coach / physiotherapist once every 3 months – on prior request by the client - this is available for extra charge in the other packs
  • Plan suitability

    This is our top end plan and is mostly opted for either by our very aged clients or the ones who wish to have a supremely comfortable living with zero worries. If you could absorb the little extra cost, this is the best plan you could choose and gift to your lucky parents!

    This plan gives the client optimum luxury, high quality living and zero stress. Approx. 25% of our clients opt for this plan.

Plan change possible for a minimum period of 2 months. If the change of plan is for less than 2 months, an additional plan reversal charge of Rs. 3,000 shall be leviable when moving back to the old plan.

When our client is travelling for a few months in a year, we pause the plan and the plan then commences only once the client is back – so the client pays only for those months of the year when services are actually availed.

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