Bed Care Plus Pack

For patients / singles / couples - one or both of whom are bed ridden
Rs. 12,999 per month per patient / couple (inclusive of taxes) where one person is bedridden and Rs. 14,999 per month per couple (inclusive of taxes) where both are bed ridden
  • Everything listed in “Comfort Pack” plus –
    • Up to 12 hospital visits of the CCHM complimentary when there is any medical emergency and consequential hospital admission - this is available for extra charge in the “Standard Pack” and up to 8 visits here are complimentary under the “Comfort Pack”
    • Extra visits of the CCHM (if any) shall be chargeable at Rs. 1,700 per visit (2 hours slot) or Rs. 2,500 per visit (3 hours slot)
  • Plan suitability

    For couples who are very aged / immobile or where one or both of them are bed ridden and need complete bed side assistance

Plan change possible for a minimum period of 2 months. If the change of plan is for less than 2 months, an additional plan reversal charge of Rs. 3,000 shall be leviable when moving back to the old plan.

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