Pack 2 - Grocery, Cosmetics, Non-Veg Items, Medicines and Farsan / Dry Snacks at Your Doorstep

Pack Details
Grocery and cosmetics
  • Purchase of grocery and cosmetics once a month from a wholesale vendor (discount @ 8% to 50% on MRP) and delivered at your doorstep @ Rs. 1,799 a month
  • This shall be way cheaper than purchases made in any hypermarket or local kirana shops
  • Delivery of medicines @ 15% discount
  • This shall be from a retail chemist (where returns are easily possible) and all medicines asked for will be readily available (unlike online platforms where quite a few medicines are not available)
  • Charges – Rs. 99 per delivery
  • Order in the morning and get delivery by evening
All kinds of non veg items
  • Purchase and delivery of fresh fish, meat and chicken products
  • Much much cheaper than online vendors
  • Charges – Rs. 399 per delivery
Farsan, sweets, snack items and pickles from Trendy Taste, Irla, Vile Parle West
  • This is a famous shop for farsan, dry sweets and snack items
  • It serves best quality, tasty and fresh stuff
  • Purchase and delivery of all that you need from this store
  • Charges – Rs. 399 per delivery
Services are currently rendered only in Mumbai and Mumbai suburbs.