Pack 1 - Standard & Exotic Fruits and Veggies at Your Doorstep

Pack Details
Purchases upto Rs. 1,500 - Rs. 169 per delivery
Purchases above Rs.1,500 and upto Rs. 3,000 - Rs. 249 per delivery
Purchases above Rs. 3,000 - Rs. 329 per delivery
  • Once a week / bi-weekly purchase and delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables (including exotic Indian / international fruits) as per your choice and weight specifications
  • Absolutely farm fresh
  • Fruit selection and weight as per customer’s specific requirements
  • Exotic, nutritious and tasty Indian / international fruits will also be added to the delivery pack to suit your palate and requirements
  • Absolutely farm fresh
  • Vegetable selection and weight as per customer’s specific requirements
Services are currently rendered only in Mumbai and Mumbai suburbs.
Why go for our Pack 1?
  • We do our sourcing of fruits and vegetables from large retailers who keep fresh stocks which are replenished daily – hence, we do not compete with online vendors who rely on cold storages which are often hoarded with old refrigerated stock – and we are still way way cheaper than them!
  • Unlike online vendors, we have our own employed delivery staff – we have not outsourced our delivery to any third party – that ensures efficient and robust last mile connectivity
  • Our relationship managers apply their mind to handpick fresh exotic Indian and international fruits for you (alongside your routine fruit list) – this is basis your requirements, likings, taste and budget
  • We do not follow the model of “you buy what we sell” – we rather customize the spread and quantity to your specific requirement and likings
  • While we add exotic fruits to your supply (rest assured they are super tasty, nutritious and fresh), we ensure this is fitting into your monthly budget and coming to you at an extremely competitive price – what we supply is way fresher, better and cheaper than what online vendors supply to you
  • Most of the exotic fruits are seasonal in nature – this ensures a wide spread and variety for you all through the year, as we keep adding different exotic fruits into your shopping bag per your pre-fixed budget
  • We only supply fruits growing in their season – fruits growing out of season are never a part of our supplies
  • For people who are patrons of fresh & exotic fruits and vegetables, we can offer you a spread at your doorstep like nobody else and never before!
  • We deliver on electric bikes, thus reducing carbon footprint – shopping for fruits and vegetables was never so environment friendly!