About Home Management Services

  • How we wish we would not have to waste a precious weekend every month toiling it out at the hypermarket or scanning through the apps searching for discounts when shopping for our monthly groceries and cosmetics!
  • Do you know you could save up to 8% to 50% on the MRP if you shopped your monthly groceries and cosmetics from a wholesaler? And what if somebody purchased your monthly grocery and cosmetics for you at this price and home delivered it to you?
  • How we wish somebody would deliver us fresh fruits and vegetables at our doorstep, especially given that we order refrigerated (and most often rotten) stuff from app based online vendors!
  • Do you know that 50 to 60 varieties of exotic fruits from across the world which are extremely nutritious and tasty are available all through the year at select outlets in Mumbai? How we wish somebody had handpicked and delivered these at our home!
  • Would you love to have Australian cherries, avocados, authentic kiwis, dragon fruit, Malawi alphonso mangoes, blueberry, mulberry, raspberry, longan, ice apples, New Zealand apples, Rambuttan, passion fruit, grape fruit, mandarin oranges, water chestnut, cape gooseberry, fresh apricot, fresh fig, persimmon and other similar fruits along with your regular supply of fresh bananas, pear, sapota, papaya, musk melon and other Indian fruits? And what if all of this was made available to you at an unbelievably affordable price and in small quantities which you actually need? Can you imagine the rise in your nutrition value with the regular consumption of these fruits?
  • Do you know which varieties of water melon, musk melon, papayas, cherries and plums taste the best?
  • What if somebody handpicked and home delivered you farm fresh veggies of the best quality at earthly prices?
  • What if an educated and English-speaking relationship manager were to co-ordinate, shop and deliver all these fruits, vegetables, groceries and cosmetics at your doorstep at an unbelievable monthly price pack?
Well, all of this sounds like a pleasant dream, right? Can you believe that
Team Karma Cosmos now makes this possible for you at packs
beginning from Rs. 1,999 a month!