Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a working staff or nurse / attendant supply agency?

No. Not at all.

We are an end to end home and medical needs management service provider for elderly couples, orphans and patients suffering from life-long / incurable diseases. So, we specialize in comprehensive elder care services / senior citizen care services and patient care services in Mumbai.

Of course, we can provide working staff, nurses and attendants through our channel partners, where necessary, but that is just a very small and insignificant portion of our holistic service offerings.

What does “end to end home and medical needs management services” actually cover?

It means - everything under the sun required to manage the home and life of our client (i.e., elderly couples / senior citizen couples and patients suffering from long-term or lifelong diseases).

    Broadly looked at, it includes but is not limited to managing the following for our client –

  • All the working staff at the home of our client;
  • All the repairs and maintenance needed in the client’s home (electric, plumbing, AC repairs and maintenance, car repairs and maintenance, electronic goods repairs and maintenance, etc.)
  • All the vendors of our client (milk, newspaper, car cleaner, laundry and ironing, etc.)
  • All shopping needs of our client (medicines, grocery, apparels, house furnishings, cutlery, utensils, etc.)
  • All medical needs of our client (arranging and accompanying for doctor visits, lab tests, specialized tests like MRI and CT scan, physiotherapy, suggesting and fixing up doctor appointments with the best available doctors, etc.)
  • All technology based needs of our client (net banking, completion of nomination for all assets, e-shopping on Amazon, doing online registrations, creating presence and being active on social media, making our client understand and use Youtube, WhatsApp, Zoom, etc.)
  • All other household chores (repairs, painting, going to the bank or outside for any other work)
  • All possible vendor arrangement and support (for e.g., - real estate agent, lawyer, CA, investment advisor, LIC advisor, mediclaim advisor, visa consultant, passport support, interior designer, yoga and meditation expert, happiness coach, medical equipments on hire, delivery of parcels, travel agent, car mechanic, cab hire, vendor for pest control, vendor for car battery, vendor for electronic goods, vendor for furniture purchase, vendor for supply of fruits and vegetables, vendor for milk supply, vendor for newspaper, online sweets delivery, online food delivery, online non veg food items delivery, vendor for pigeon net and mosquito net, vendor for curtains, leakage and waterproofing expert, vendor selling mobile phones, dietician, masseur, masseuse, dialysis centre and any other kind of vendor / online support, as may be necessary)
  • Simple interior modifications of the home (as necessary) from a safety, security and convenience perspective; and
  • Much much more….

In fact, it is difficult for us to put down everything here since we do not have a “Conditions Apply” tag or “We cannot do this” response to any of our client’s needs.

In sum and substance, we do everything required to raise the bar in terms of the quality of life our clients are currently leading.

We want to gift them with an absolutely secure, convenient, comfortable, stress free, blissful and most importantly HAPPY living in the comfort of their existing home. So, we are “LIFE MANAGERS” for our clients.

We are an old couple. We already have a full-time servant and a driver. Do we need your service?

Yes, without any doubt, you need our services.

All our clients have servants and many of them have drivers too. Servants and drivers can take instructions from you and do what is told to them. We, on the other hand, are “LIFE MANAGERS”, and we help our clients to raise the bar in terms of the quality of life they are currently leading. We gift our clients with care, comfort, convenience, security, happiness, intellectual support, and most importantly, we take away all their stress.

Please see a truncated list of our services in the earlier FAQ (FAQ no. 2), and you shall realize what all we do. So, a full-time servant or driver cannot do 0.1% of what we are offering to do for you!

    Just to share some simple examples –

  • Would your servant or driver be able to select and arrange for a fast track appointment with the best cardiothoracic surgeon or neurosurgeon in the city?
  • Would your servant be able to get you grocery and medicines at 15 to 20% below MRP?
  • Would your driver be able to manage your hospitalization (including admission and Mediclaim), God forbid not you need hospitalization some day?
  • Would your driver arrange for a cardiac ambulance for you in an hour of need?
  • Would you driver or servant plan and arrange a short holiday for you?
  • Would your driver or servant be able to provide doctors with online access to your medical records and your prior medical history in an hour of need / emergency?
  • Would your driver or servant be able to get work done from reputed vendors (such as a CA or a lawyer or a painting contractor or a portfolio manager) to fulfill all your needs?

So, you now have an answer to your question.

Of course, when we are on board, we shall manage your driver and servant as a part of our services.

Who from your organization will give us support and services?

We have a dedicated Convenience, Care and Happiness Manager for every client of ours. Every CCHM at Karma Cosmos is a well-educated, well-trained, soft spoken, energetic and compassionate young professional who treats each client as his / her mother / father / brother / sister.

The CCHM and sub CCHM designated for you along with our support staff shall be responsible for managing your needs. We have a very elaborate and well-screened hiring process for our CCHMs and support staff, since the excellence benchmarks we set at Karma Cosmos are second to none.

Also, our CCHMs and support staff undergo regular trainings and intense counselling sessions from time to time, to maintain our quality of services.

Our Founder is a well-known Counsellor, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Hypnotherapist himself. Apart from external trainings and certifications which our CCHMs regularly undergo, our Founder also actively trains all our staff members.

Do you have a cheaper package?

The pricing model that we follow is commensurate to the quality of services we offer. We are a premium service provider customizing ourselves to the need of every single client, and still offering very competitive and “value for money” pricing packages to all our clients.

We invest heavily in hiring the right people for you and also train them regularly. Healthcare, education and people / life care services are 3 areas where you cannot and should not risk compromising on quality for the sake of reducing the price. We recognize that, and hence, choose to offer our services to all those clients who align with our philosophy of excellence in service delivery.

For clients seeking very cheap options with compromised services, honestly, we cannot be of any help there. But be very careful when you work with cheap options, since quality always comes at a commensurate price!

On the charitable front, we do support some families for free as well, where we know the case is genuine and after due verification of financial and other records. However, this is only in exceptional circumstances and at the sole discretion of our management.

All our clients, once they avail our services, they do recognize the value of it, and then they know how rightly priced we are.

Also, we protect you against fee escalations. If you engage our services, for atleast 3 years thereafter, if not more, there shall be no fee escalation from our side. We do fee escalations only and only when necessary, and not as an annual ritual.

We work on limited margins and with the best of resources, and hence, there is no scope for us to come up with a cheaper and “service compromised” model.

Lastly, our pricing is very transparent and inclusive in nature. Our goal is to ensure we do no charge you anything extra beyond our committed price and you get the best of services from us to suit your specific needs.

Options which may appear a bit cheaper on the basic rack rate generally follow an exclusion-based pricing model, where there is an extra charge for many of the services, which are not intentionally covered in the basic rack rate. So, over there, extra charges added up, you may end up paying much more for fewer in number and qualitatively compromised services!

Can I switch between your packages based on my specific needs at different points of time?

Absolutely Yes. No charges are leviable for the same.

Just that, every package change is for a minimum period of 2 months. After 2 months on a new package, you are again free to change the package, if need be.

Further, if you change your package in less than 2 months, then there is a one-time plan reversal fee of Rs. 3,000 applicable.

Do you take care of old patients with special needs such those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson disease, paralysis, stroke, etc. or those suffering from psychiatric or neuropsychiatric ailments (bipolar disorder, OCD, schizophrenia, psychosis, etc.)?

Yes. We take care of one and all.

We have a customized package for all such patients known as “Bed Care Plus”. Please check our “Packages” section. Some of these patients could also fit under our other packages. We customize our standard packages to the specific need of the client.

Do you have any packages for orphans who can pay for your services?


We have a comprehensive package for the care of orphans, which covers everything they need in terms of their education, day to day living, extracurricular activities, skill building and emotional support. This is an amazing package which is aimed at holistic development of the orphan and we handhold the client till he / she is completely independent and can be on his / her own.

Complete asset management while the orphan is a minor and then handing it over to him / her once he / she is a major is an important optional offering under this service, if the client chooses to opt for the same. To know more about this package, you can reach out to us on our contact nos.

Do you render all services on your own or do you have vendor tie ups as well?

We focus on delivery of our core services through our CCHMs.

For everything else, we have tie ups with the best of vendors in the country. We manage our vendors with due responsibility and ensure that they deliver the best of services to our clients.

Which all cities do you currently render services in?

We are currently rendering services in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

We have plans to commence operations in Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi-NCR, Pune and Kolkata in the near future.

I work and live in the US. If I hire you to take care of my aged parents in Mumbai, how do I remain aware of how well you are taking care of them? Do you have any cloud server where you post data and updates?

Yes. We maintain very detailed and granular medical records and other necessary data about our clients on our server, so that this data can be made readily available to doctors in a medical emergency.

    Therepart, we shall very soon be launching our app-based interface for the loved ones of our clients. This app will provide loved ones of our clients with real time access to –

  • Medical records of the client
  • Pictures and videos of the client
  • Our visit and service delivery history (with date, time and particulars of the services delivered by us); and
  • A one on one interface for the loved ones of the client to communicate with us.

For the moment, we are providing these updates electronically through emails to the loved ones of our clients at regular intervals. Once the app goes live, we will move fully to the app-based platform.

Thereapart, our CCHM does a call with the client’s loved ones, once every month (on a weekend), to provide a detailed update of the services rendered by us during the month to the client.

Our set protocols for this communication with loved ones of our clients is pretty robust and well appreciated by our clients, for the level on involvement and connect we show in keeping them informed about the comfort and well-being of their parents in Mumbai.

Do I need to opt for your monthly pack or can I seek one-time services also from you?

We provide one-time accompaniment services through our support staff for visits to a doctor or physio or for going to the market or a brief outing, etc.

Further, we provide a special one-time pack known as the “Home – Hospital - Home Pack”. This is for anybody who is not our client, but seeks our support for hospitalization of any of his / her parents in Mumbai. Here, we shall manage the whole hospitalization and mediclaim procedure for a fixed fee. Please check our “Packages” section.